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3 min read

Finding Candyland

The remarkable story of one who was down, so she lifted others up. The uncertainty and fear surrounding Covid is…

3 min read

A Christian Game

I’m going to have at least six groups of people mad at me today. But if you’re into sports or…

3 min read

The Great Passport Disaster

Every parent knows that kids learn more from your life than your lips. By example, I have taught my son…

3 min read

Words of Wilson

Quintin Stieff’s father left when he was three leaving his mom to raise seven kids. Two high school teachers took…

3 min read

Thanks For Your Patience

Celebrating a most difficult virtue A boy was standing at the bottom of a “down” escalator looking up. A lady…

3 min read

The Year Without a Sun

The moment you step off the train in Obendorf, Austria, you’ll think you’re in a fairy tale. Ambling through the…

3 min read

Really Far Out!

A friend said that with all that’s gone on here last year, he’d like to leave the planet. Vacate. Relocate….

3 min read

The Plumber of Warsaw

Today at work, I paged myself over the intercom: “Would Phil Callaway please come to the office for a raise?”…

2 min read

What is Your RQ?

It is time to discover your RQ, your Rumour Quotient. Let’s look at some popular rumours and see if you…