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Are You Grumbling? By Phil Callaway - Laugh Again
3 min read

Are You Grumbling?

Today we present Classic Complaints. These are actual complaints I have either heard or uttered myself. Here we go: My…

The Cure For Fear by Phil Callaway - Laugh Again
3 min read

The Cure for Fear

Does fear cripple you? With a million different reasons to be fearful, there’s one simple thing that can silence all…

Mickey Mantle
3 min read

No More Fear of Death

Jesus has the power to take away our fear of death. He did with Mickey Mantle—and He can do it…

The Underdog by Phil Callaway - Laugh Again
3 min read

The Underdog

Take it from Sylvester Stallone—even the biggest underdog can rise up and offer a tough knock-out punch to their circumstances….

Lies Parents Tell by Phil Callaway - Laugh Again
3 min read

Lies That Parents Tell

Here are some lies that parents have told their children. A father told his son, “There’s an app that tells…

3 min read

“Hi Hungry, I’m Dad!”

Years ago, I knew how to walk and talk and wear a hat. Then I had teenagers and suddenly I…

3 min read

Yes, There’s Humor in the Bible

A question I’ve been asked from time to time is this: “Is there humor in the Bible?” Well, yes there…

3 min read

The Way to the Post Office

Last week was cold and cloudy. It’s summer. This is not right. People in our town were grousing about the…

Accidental Car-Jacking by Phil Callaway | Laugh Again
4 min read

Accidental Car-Jacking

It’s time to be honest. Have you been whining lately? I sure have. A friend told me a story, and…