Laugh Again’s 1000th Birthday!

Well, congratulations to us: We just recorded our 1,000th episode of Laugh Again. When we began dreaming of producing a program that would bring a shot of hope to homes across this country, we were told it couldn’t be done. “It’ll get lost in the plethora of alternatives”, they said. But we went for it anyway, and today the Laugh Again program airs on hundreds of radio stations in North America and across the world as well!

I’m thunderstruck at how many kids listen to this program. One boy told me, “I set my alarm 5 minutes before your program so I can listen every morning.”

One guy claims that Laugh Again cured his head cold. Wow. Another hasn’t slept well for years because of fear. “I put your Laugh Again podcast on now,” she writes, “and I sleep soundly. Thank you for pointing me to Jesus.”

I didn’t set out to put people to sleep, but I’m thrilled.

Not everyone laughed when I said, “I thought God created cats to show that not everything on earth has a purpose.” But I was just kidding. My grandkids love their kitty.

One of my most popular stories was of my 5-year-old son and I passing a graveyard. There was a hole in the ground and a pile of dirt beside it. He said, “Look, Dad! One got out.” That’s our great reason for hope every single day on this program. One got out.

Jesus Christ is risen.

A grandma wrote to tell me of her three grandkids. “Our youngest is very intelligent and has autism,” she said. “His sisters struggle with issues related to their father. All three listen to Laugh Again every day. It is funny, so they laugh. There’s a spiritual lesson, so they learn to trust God. You are building the word of God into these children who desperately need it. Thank you so much. Eternity will show how God used this program.

As we turn 1,000, I’d like to encourage you to be faithful in whatever God has given you to do. In loving that neighbor, those toddlers, those customers who may drive you crazy. God is at work in all of us and He will carry it on to completion.

None of this is possible without friends like you. If you appreciate Laugh Again, go a little crazy and tell some friends. You can download our app for free to listen whenever you like. Our plan is to do another thousand programs, but we’ll need you to help us by laughing, praying, and supporting us when you can. Thanks for traveling with us. God bless you, my friend.

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