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Life’s Greatest Ironies

Ironies sometime cause me to smile. Like this sign at a mall maintenance shop. “We can repair anything. Please knock…

3 min read

Three Letters From Teddy

As a kid, I preferred firecrackers to Math textbooks. So imagine the irony of me preparing to speak to 12,000…

3 min read

Sophie’s Choice

Where to go when people drive you crazy One Sunday a small boy turned around in church, leaned toward my…

3 min read

Awesome Rules

Do you have some rules? Here are some of our favorites A friend has this on his fridge: “Rule 1:…

3 min read

Rebuilding My Greenhouse

What can we learn in the storms of life I learned about weather when I was a kid. About cold…

3 min read

Simple Resolutions

My gratitude for answered prayer My New Year’s resolution last year was to eat an apple a day. So that…

2 min read

The Gospel According to Peanuts

What you missed in Charlie Brown’s Christmas special One of the most profound books my pastor father ever brought home…

3 min read

I’ve Been Schooled!

I was homeschooled. Until the age of five. At which point my parents gave up on me and handed me…

3 min read

Of Burnt Turkey and Cherry Pie Where to go when life is the pits

A sign in front of a church read, “God does not make misteaks.” Well, we know what they meant. God is perfect in all of His ways. He has never made a single typo or done anything by accident.

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